At Skin Rejuvenation Clinic we offer a range of products that help achieve a non-surgical facelift.  After an initial consultation we will recommend a treatment plan and the product that will work best with that plan and with your skin.  


DMK Skin Range

Using the principles of biochemistry, DMK has formulated a range of treatments and products designed to educate skin to perform like youthful healthy skin.  Maintain beautiful skin with DMK Home Prescriptives which work to prolong the results achieved by DMK Professional Treatments. The DMK concept provides clients with lifelong skin management programs to incorporate into their daily lives.




Regul8™  is designed to support the cleansing, restoration and maintenance of digestive health and originating from herbal medicine practices, the Regul8™ range includes all-natural, plant based, gluten free formulations to promote inner health and an outer glow.



Green Peel

The GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling treatment is one of the best known and proven methods for improving skin conditions. It was invented by Christine Schrammek more than 60 years ago. The unique treatment effect is based on a mixture of selected herbs, which contain enzymes, minerals and vitamins, among others. Only natural herbs are used for the GREEN PEEL® CLASSIC herbal peeling treatment. The herbal blend consists of selected herbs that include aloe vera, horsetail, water horsetail, buckhorn, pansy, marigold, chamomile, lungwort and algae. The herbal mixture is massaged into the skin with a special technique of massage and pressure. The improved blood circulation and the exchange of oxygen in the skin stimulates cell metabolism.



DMK Cleansers

Ordinary alkaline soaps may clog skin pores and are also responsible for comedones and milia. This is why all Danné Cleansers are slightly on the acidic side and come in gel or lotion form as opposed to bars of soap.  DMK cleansers remove impurities and deep cleanse your skin without clogging the pores.

  • Leaves skin feeling clean, soft, and supple

  • Instant brightening effect on the skin

  • Detoxifies, and leaves the skin with an antibacterial protection

  • Contains natural botanical astringents and antiseptics

  • pH Balanced

  • Can be used by males for shaving


DMK cremes

Danné cremes are organic-based, transdermal formulations which enable the skin's natural biochemistry to nourish and restore itself. Danné formulas contain collagen promoting vitamin C for making the skin look smooth, and enzymes for removing fine wrinkles and acne scars.  As DMK is an exclusive skin care range clients book a face-to-face consultation, ensuring every product is perfect for your skin, prescribed by a DMK Professional.

To book a skin consultation, please contact us


La Roche Posay range

Dermatological Solutions for Sensitive Skin

Pioneering the latest advances in dermatology, La Roche-Posay offers a range of face and body skin care products designed to cleanse, treat, moisturize, and protect skin with safe and effective ingredients. The line is suitable for sensitive skin and features advanced formulas and textures for various skin concerns including dry skin, acne, eczema, anti-aging, and more.

Our on-site skin rejuvenation experts can provide personalised advice for your skin and treatments for skin conditions such as Rosacea, acne, pigmentation, broken capillaries and aging.   Contact us for a personalised consultation on your skin requirements.



La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50 Sunscreen

Very high protection sunscreen

  • With patented Mexoplex technology

  • The highest* UVA/UVB protection for even the most sensitive skin

  • Light non-greasy textures

  • Fragrance-free and paraben-free

  • Proudly sponsoring the research conducted by the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia

  • Tested to AS/NZS 2604:2012