IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is the most advanced version of photo-rejuvenation and hair removal on the market today.  This assures the safest, fastest, most noticeable and cost-effective results, in the shortest possible time span.

Many of our clients are preparing for a special event and they want to look their best, and others are simply wanting to keep looking as young as possible.

This unique concept is suitable for all skin types, regardless of age, gender or race, and offers permanent results.

We use a medical grade IPL machine for treatments such as acne, age sports, blue and red capillary veins, wrinkles, unwanted hair, pigmentation, scars, birthmarks, freckles, rosacea etc.

IPL also stimulates new collagen production which results in a more youthful appearance by improving your skin tone and texture.

IPL is most commonly used and ideal for the following areas:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decolette
  • Hands

Or any other areas exposed to the sun where tone is no longer even and smooth.

During your initial IPL consultation our skin therapist will analyse your skin, provide information, discuss your goals and timeline, prepare a treatment plan and the cost.

Most clients choose six monthly maintenance (March to September or April to October) and a course of five treatments.

IPL rejuvenation is best done in Autumn-Winter-Spring because sun exposure is a contraindication for IPL and it is easier to stay out of the sun during these cooler seasons.

To get the best form the programme you should be extremely careful for a few weeks before and after treatment by using a sunblock and covering up from the sun’s rays.


Client's hands before IPL treatment

Client's hands before IPL treatment

Client's hands after the IPL treatment

Client's hands after the IPL treatment